Passionate and enthusiastic for my work.

- Since 1996 -

25 years of experience and counting

Welcome, I'm Andrés Barrientos

With over 25 years in the advertising and graphic industry, I have had experience with local and global brands. I’m a multidisciplinary professional with a high marketing knowledge, brand identity and strategic creativity.

Some brands I've worked with

Web design &

I can take your ideas and turn them into a polished, high-value product. The way you present yourself online is just as important as how you do in the real world. 

Creative design

With a high creative thinking, I face each project with enthusiasm with the objective of give unique and effective results. 

Digital design

Good Design and effective strategy in the digital world add a huge value to your brand.

Editorial Design

As Art Director and Graphic designer I’ve been leading graphic design departments for some awesome projects.

Simply design

Good design connects brands with people effectively.

My Toolbox